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Your Super Hosts

 We are Jeff, Kerrie, Baxter and Lucky Murphy.

Few years ago, we realized one of our biggest dream.

We paused our lives and professional activities to build a new project, our own cozy Cabin in the mountains.

After 14 months of hard work and challenges, a new home was born.

Today, we are extremely proud to share the fruit of our efforts with our friends and with our guests. We hope you will enjoy creating new memories in our wonderful cabin in our small community at Hemlock. 

About Us Grizzly Den.png

Our Mission

We believe our small community in Hemlock have the opportunity to grow, develop or invent any kind of services and activities in the Village, to make our remote life in the mountains more exciting and stimulating.

As locals, we are stocked to have the chance to welcome and accommodate visitors from all over the world. 

By offering a great service and as Super Hosts, we want to make your stay as genuine and memorable as possible.


Our Vision.

We are excited to be part of our small and vibrant community at Hemlock. We are mountain enthusiasts and through our Cabin Rental and Coffee Shop we want to share our passion with our friends and visitors.

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